Monday, 14 November 2011

Finished Idea -

 Comparing my initial idea to what already exists, I have made some changes to my initial idea and confirmed my final product. My aims for this application is to create a easy, (less time consuming) and less complicated application that really helps the traveller instead of letting them do all the hard work. For example: nearly all of the travel applications I researched, the traveller makes the lists the lists are not made for them.

  The application will work in order of these stages. My examples are shown in the format of an I-Phone as these are by far the most popular.

The application will start, asking your
1-    Gender (as the items recommended to take will be different for female and male)
2-    Destination (Items will vary for example; for long hall flights the application might suggest a change of clothes)
3-    Departure and Return Dates (This is considering the predicted weather during and in-between your travelling dates)

2- A defined search is available. For example; if you where travelling to Canada in December the next page of the application will have a variety of different types of holidays (in this case ‘Skiing Holiday’) This will make the search more accurate and a list of items to take would be more helpful.


3- the next section will show a list of items that are recommended to take according to the information typed in to the application.



You will be able to see which items you have already packed by highlighting, deleting, or even adding on items that are not on the list you wish to take. You can also use this application to check the weather.This is obviously one of the most important factors when considering what to pack for your travels. 

If the weather conditions for date of travel change a notification will appear on your phone that recommends new items to take.

This 'Pack APP' I believe is what the travellers of today need. Making lists are time consuming and everybody wants to do everything as quickly as possible. I believe that packing is one of the most important factors of the traveling experience and with pack app the traveller can really relax before their trip instead of stressing what they need to pack. 

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