Monday, 14 November 2011

Does it already exist? –

The question when deciding if this idea would work, or be successful is; does this already exist? Or is there something similar? The question was difficult to answer, as yes travel/ packing applications do exist. However they are nowhere near advanced as my initial idea.
Some examples of this are;

Packing pro, By Quinn Genzel
Bag checker, By Seligman Ventures Ltd
U packing list, By NIX Solutions

What do these do?

Most of the applications were nearly all the same and had the same functions but did things in a different way. For a specific example Packing Pro, This application was chosen by the National Geographic as one of the greatest applications for travellers. Packing Pro does a numerous amount of things. It allows the user to create packing lists – to edit them delete, rename, and categorize items.
1)    You can show items that are packed or unpacked and are given suggestions from template and suggestion lists.
2)    You can also email lists the family and friends.

  Packing Checklist Essentials – Sojern Trip Packet

One of the most developed packing systems that helps travellers pack was not a Mobile Application. I came across this when purchasing a flight abroad. However after my confirmation page, a list of essential items to take was available to print. This is contained a list of items that were allowed carry-ons onto the plane items such as size of the baggage allowed and mandatory items such as passport, money and sunglasses. The reason this in particular was different to all others was as, it actually recommended items to take rather than the traveller making the list of items to take personally. This is the type of system I was looking for in deciding my initial idea. However I believe this system could be improved through the use of a Mobile Application.

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